Convection Ovens


PDF Variations Half size, full size, stacked, cook & hold, high efficiency, extra deep, mechanical or electronic controls, interior and exterior finishes. General Convection ovens, because of the fan induced air movement, cook about 20% faster than conventional ovens. Half-size ovens are typically only used when limited space requires. [...]

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Combination Oven/Steamer


PDF Variations Many sizes are available from table top units that hold 7 half size bun pans to units that hold up to 18 full size 18″ x 26″ pans. Some models have manual dial controls and others have digital controls. General The benefit of combos is that they [...]

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PDF Variations Wire carts, solid stainless carts, two or three shelf, polymer carts. Wire pan racks, aluminum pan racks, end-load or side-load racks, adjustable racks, either open or enclosed, roll-in refrigerator racks. General Carts and racks should be specified to meet a specific need. If the cart is to [...]


Braising Pans


PDF Variations Table-top, floor mounted on legs or cabinets, tilting: either manual or electric, sizes from 10 gallon table top to 40 gallon floor mounted, gas or electric. General The tilting skillet (also known as a tilting fry pan or braising pan) may be the single most versatile piece [...]

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Blast Chillers


PDF Variations Available in different sizes, 2 pan, 3 pan, 5 pan, 10 pan, reach-in and larger roll-in units. Some are as big as 5′ x 5′ for two racks of product. Some chillers are upright while others are built into a work table. General The latest FDA rules [...]

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